Being one of the more affordable and yet still downtown Toronto neighbourhoods, real estate opportunities in Corktown are attracting many young professionals who seek convenient access to Toronto's downtown business and entertainment districts. Many of this areas commercial buildings have been converted to live-in work studios and condominium lofts and professional buildings, a plan to completely revamp this neighbourhood.

Corktown is bounded by Eastern Avenue to the South, St. Lawrence-King-Lower Street to the East, Queen Street to the North, and Parliament Street to the West. 

Notable Amenities in Corktown are:

1. Schools: Inglenook Community Public School, St. Paul Catholic Elementary School, 

2. Restaurants: Try the tasting menu at George, the apple cake at Mystic Muffin, the perfect expresso at Fahrenheit Coffee, or savoury German sandwiches at Schnitzel Queen!

3. Lifestyle and Recreations: Despite limited amount of shopping in the immediate neighbourhood, residents of Corktown are within walking distance to the famous St. Lawrence Market which is Toronto's premiere food market. The St. Lawrence Community Center offers facilities such as squash courts, swimming pool, gymnasium, piano room, weight room and game room. Those who enjoy more of a cardio workout can use the running track and cardio training room at the John Innes Community Recreation Centre. In addition, the Sackville playground is ideal for an afternoon fun for families with children

Getting To Corktown by Public Transit:  

Bus and Streetcar routes running along or through this neighbourhood include: 65, 503, and 504 along King-Parliament-Queen and the 301, 501 and 502 along Queen Street.

Recent and Future Redevelopment Plans:  

1. Corktown District Lofts: Where style meets substance is Corktown District Phase I and II, two condominium loft projects completed by Streetcar Development in 2010 and 2012 respectively.

2. Regent Park Revitalization: Having started in 2005, The Regent Park Revitalization Plan is an initiative with the focus of rebuilding the area into vibrant and successful mixed-income, multi-use community for 12,000 residents.

- 2014: Phase 3 construction begins

- 2017: Phase 2 construction completes (estimated)

- 2019: Phase 3 construction completes (estimated)

3. First Parliament Site Developmental Proposal: There has been a proposal for development and rezoning at the first Parliament Site of Upper Canada, composed of two residential towers of 20 and 57 storeys.