Located in one of Toronto's oldest settlements, Liberty Village exudes an incredibly rich history. In the 1850s, railways were laid across the land which at the time, cut it off from residential development. Because the railway tracks were so close, the area quickly grew into an industrial area, with heavy machinery factories, and later, electrical appliances. With the industry flourishing so rapidly, many companies worked out of this location, including Sunbeam Incandescent Lamp, which is now the well known company Canadian General Electric. 

Moving into the 1970s and '80s, the industry in the area began to decline due to a shift from rail to road shipping. This however, would make room for residential growth. 

Liberty Village is Bounded by King Street West to the north, Dufferin Street to the west, The Gardiner Expwy to the south, and Strachan Avenue to the east. This makes its location one of the greatest perks - walking distance to the lakeshore, a 15 minute streetcar ride to the financial core, and a stroll away from the energy of King Street West!

What was once an industrial heavy-weight of an area, Liberty Village is now a hot-spot for young professionals and artists. It is highly sought out by people who want to go further west, away from more established areas, while still remaining close enough to the core. Many of the old factories have been re-purposed as lofts, restaurants or gyms, which adds an incredibly unique vibe to the neighbourhood! If you are looking for Toronto lofts with soaring ceilings and huge windows, or new condo towers to add just enough contrast, this is a great area to look. There is something for everyone here, a great example of Toronto real estate!

Notable Amenities in Liberty Village are:  

1. Lamport Stadium Where residents and sport aficionados can come play and release their inner athletes.

2. Joe Rockheads – One of the best maintained climbing gyms, Joe Rockheads is where residents can learn or enhance their mountain climbing skills. Best of all, its Child-friendly too!

3. Shops at King Liberty – Whether you need to do your groceries, buy wine & beer for your bbq or visit your bank; King Liberty offers all that and much more.

4.Liberty Market Building – An office and retail building, the Liberty Market Building is quickly becoming a landmark in the city.

5. Village Family Health Team – A full service primary health care provider with a social worker, clinical pharmacologist and registered dietician

6. Zip Car – Rent a car for a few hours or the weekend right in Liberty Village’s Zip Car location.

7. Pet ServicesPack of Paws & The Village Dog Pack are some of the pet services providers like dog walking, pet sitting service and dog day care.

8. Home & Kitchen storesWest Elm and Kitchen Stuff Plus are available to realize your dream of that perfect home

9. Restaurants – With over 30 varied eateries like the Brazen Head and School Bakery & Cafe the dining options in Liberty Village are some of the best in the city

Getting to Liberty Village by Public Transport:  

the Village is accessible by the 504 King Street Car and the 63 Ossington bus.

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