Pleasant View is a northern Toronto neighbourhood that's becoming popular for immigrants to Canada. There is a large number of Chinese settling into this area as well as a sizeable Italian and Greek population. Residents of this neighbourhood tend to be classified in the middle income group with a huge percentage being home owners.

This neighbourhood is bordered by Sheppard Avenue on the South, Victoria Park Avenue on the East, the Finch hydro corridor on the North (just north of Finch Avenue), and the Highway 404 on the West.

Notable Amenities at Pleasant View

1. School and Education: Cherokee Public School, Ernest Public School, Pleasant View Junior High School, Brian Public School, Muirhead Public School, St. Gerald Elementary, Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha Elementary

2. Food and Restaurants: Aoyama & Sushi Restaurant (incredibly fresh sashimi), Basilico Italian Bistro (simple, classic, yet flavourfull Italian food), Purdy’s Chocolates (Chocoholic's paradise), Red Sail Boat Bakery (quaint family owned bakery), Peter’s Reggae Kitchen (a place you can always come back to for a warm friendly welcome)

Getting to Pleasant View by Public Transit

24, 85, 167, 169, 224, and 385 on Sheppard Avenue - 24, 169, and 224 on Victoria Park Avenue - 10 and 169 on Pleasant View Drive, Van Horne Avenue - 39, 139, and 308 on Finch Avenue East