10 November 2014
Ken Ramsay

Should You Wait Until Spring, or List Now?

With so many aspects that affect the market throughout the year, homeowners often wonder when it is really “the right time” to list their properties. While many choose Springtime to list and buy, it does not mean that is always the best option.

During the winter months, inventory is significantly lower (in spring there is usually a 20-30% jump in inventory). According to TREB market statistics, inventory drops in November and significantly in December, where inventory is at the lowest. Listings then begin to increase after the Christmas holidays, eventually reaching very high inventory numbers in Spring, as seen in the chart:

This is good news for sellers because there are fewer options available to buyers who are generally more serious about buying. If they are looking for a house during the cold winter months, it generally means they need to find something soon as opposed to waiting it out until spring. Not to mention that it also helps that houses are often pre-staged thanks to holiday decorating, when people take great pride in making their houses look lovely!

With that being said, it can prove a difficult time to be a buyer, due to the diminished inventory, so a good plan is crucial!