02 March 2015
Ken Ramsay

Should You Invest in Real Estate or the Stock Market?

Photo Source: 52Properties

Toronto real estate is a hot topic for investors around the globe and investing in the Toronto real estate market provides steady, predictable rental income, while building equity in a tangible asset to provide you with significant long-term gains.
In comparison, investing in the stock market may or may not provide you with monthly dividends, and your long-term gain is largely dependent on future of economies in countries around the globe. Your stock allows you to be one of thousands of investors with little or no say in the strategy or direction of your hard earned investment dollars.
The Toronto Real Estate market allows you to control your investment and your future. The decision to expand, leverage, or sell your investment is based on the lifestyle choices that work for you and your family. Your investment is local, rental income is steady and protected by a lease, and the need for housing in Toronto is ever present, regardless of the economies in other countries of the world.
How does it stack up? According to Toronto MLS Market Statistics the average selling price in Toronto from January 2014 to January 2015 saw a 13.6% increase over one year. What do your stocks earn you?