17 March 2015
Ken Ramsay

What Are The Best Schools?

Photo Source: OurKids

When searching the Toronto Real Estate Market for your next perfect home, the quality of the schools in the area may be an important consideration if you have school age kids. Many parents look to the Fraser Rankings to determine the best schools, however, there are many other factors that determine the quality of a school.  Just because the kids performed slightly better on a standard annual test, doesn’t mean you want to live in a particular neighbourhood.

The Fraser Institute is an independent research organization that publishes school rankings based on the results of Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) standard testing taken by students across Ontario in grades three, six, nine, and ten. Ten is the highest ranking.  

In addition to the test rankings provided by the Fraser institute, the Toronto District School Board also ranks schools based on a variety of their own criteria. For rankings based on the Toronto District School Board please give me a call (416) 906-8366 and I’d be happy to help you find a neighbourhood with top schools for your family.  Below are the top Fraser Institute Rankings. 

The Following Public Elementary Schools Ranked 10/10:

  • Arbor Glen Public School
  • Kennedy Public School
  • Cherokee Public School
  • Hollywood Public School
  • Avondale Alternative Elementary School

The Following Private Elementary Schools Ranked 10/10:

  • Islamic Foundation School (Private)
  • Sathya Sai School of Toronto (Private)

Top Ten Secondary Schools and Their Current Rankings:

1)    St. Michael’s Choir - Rank: 9.9

2)    William Lyon Mackenzie - Rank: 9.0

3)    Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts – Rank: 8.9

4)    North Toronto - Rank: 8.6

5)    Ursula Franklin - Rank: 8.6

6)    Earl Haig - Rank: 8.6

7)    Lawrence Park - Rank: 8.5

8)    Forest Hill – Rank: 8.5

9)    Etobicoke School of the Arts – Rank: 8.4

10)  Agincourt – Rank: 8.3