10 April 2018
Ken Ramsay

Monthly Real Estate Numbers Improve Dramatically

Photo Source: Okratis

Monthly Real Estate numbers have improved dramatically from February to March as buyers adjust to the the fair housing plan and the new OSFI mandated stress test.

Detached: Up 31% from 2169 in February to 3120 in March

Semi-Detached: Up 25% from  454 in February to 686 in March

Condo Apartments: Up 28% from 1681in February to 2183 in March

Condo Townhouses: Up 38% from  364 in February to 503 in March

The demand for housing in Toronto and the surrounding areas is high and has been increasing as we proceed further into the Spring market. It is important to have your home standout so if you’re thinking of selling or know someone that is please let us know!

Source: Toronto Real Estate Board