How is Toronto’s Real Estate Market Stacking Up?

16 August 2018
Ken Ramsay

How is the real estate market doing? Prices have been up and down and I'm going to put the current and past market pricing into perspective by comparing today's market to what's been going on in the market since January 2017

Monthly Real Estate Numbers Improve Dramatically

10 April 2018
Ken Ramsay

Monthly real estate numbers show dramatic improvement with March being the fourth consecutive month of rising prices.

Toronto's Condo Market Stronger Than Ever

10 May 2016
Ken Ramsay

The Toronto Real Estate Market is hot with buyers looking for Toronto Homes and Toronto Condos, however this month's sales volume breakdown is very interesting...

How to Put Your Worries About Condo Longevity at Rest

17 October 2014
Ken Ramsay

While the supply and demand of condominiums rises and wanes, one concern is evident following the speedy developments of condos in Toronto. How long will they last?

Demand Turns Attention to Condominiums

10 October 2014
Ken Ramsay

In the first three quarters of 2014, sales are up almost 11% from last year, with over 8 000 homes sold in the GTA. Prices are up 8.5% for the same period, and it is looking like prices will climb towards a record. Funny enough, one of the strongest sectors for sales is in one that last year seemed to be facing downhill.