Is Chinese Capitol Affecting The Toronto Real Estate Market?

27 June 2016
Ken Ramsay

Finding a home for sale in Toronto can be difficult when most well marketed properties are selling in ten days or less! Is Chinese capitol impacting market conditions?

Toronto's Condo Market Stronger Than Ever

10 May 2016
Ken Ramsay

The Toronto Real Estate Market is hot with buyers looking for Toronto Homes and Toronto Condos, however this month's sales volume breakdown is very interesting...

Happy New Year

07 January 2016
Ken Ramsay

It's 2016 and buyers are looking for homes for sale in Toronto! With low number of new listings coming out over the holidays supply is low and buyers are willing to pay top dollar for your home!

Lending Update

17 December 2015
Ken Ramsay

Attention Toronto home buyers this update affects you! New lending rules increase the minimum downpayment on houses over $500,000 and under $1,000,000.

New Rules Help Buyers Afford Bigger Homes

23 September 2015
Ken Ramsay

New CHMC lending rules allow Buyers to Buy Bigger homes by qualifying for more mortgage. This is great news for first time buyers looking to grow into a bigger home down the road without making a move!